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0-564-62 - Durite Left Turn Speaker 9-32VDC

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Durite Left Turn Speaker. “Sh. Sh. Caution, vehicle turning left”. Used for warning external hazards of a potential threat when the vehicle is manoevering left. The IP68 rated speaker is for mounting externally. At 90dB it is loud enough to be heard over moving traffic. The speaker is type approved E Marked EMC REG 10.05.

1. RED: Power Input (12/24V)
Connect to ACC (12/24V).
2. BLACK: Ground
Connect to chassis.
3. GREEN: Left Turn Alarm Trigger (+)
Connect to left indicator or side detection system with positive output trigger (12/24V)
4. GREY: Mute Wire
Connect to right indicator when the alarm is used for left turn (mute for hazard lights).
Connect to headlights or side lamps for mute night shift function (12/24V)

Select a mounting position on the vehicle, which will allow your alarm to operate properly, even in adverse conditions:
• Mount in a position which allows the unobstructed sound projection to the hazard area.
• Mount the alarm securely through fixing holes provided. Hole centre is 75-85mm.
• The unit must not be fitted facing upwards or downwards.
• Protect from impact, flying objects and dirt.
• Keep away from high temperature area around engine or exhaust

When fitting is completed, connect the battery earth cable and test for operation.
Test the unit regularly thereafter for proper function.
Warning alarms are strictly meant as safety aids and are not a substitute for proper care and attention while maneuvering a vehicle.


Type Left Turn Talking Alarm
Voltage 9-32VDC
Sound Pressure 90 dB
Current Draw 0.5A @ 12V/ 0.25A @ 24V
IP Rating IP68
Material Construction ABS
Weight 0.160Kg
Dimensions Please see below
Operating Temperature -30°C ~ +80°C
Storage Temperature -30°C ~ +80°C
Certificate CE, E Mark R10 EMC


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MPN 0-564-62
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